Shell and tube heat exchangers

 Fluid is passed through the shell (cylinder) and various tubes (heat transmission tubes), and heat exchanged between them.

Shell and tube type heat exchangers (multi-tubular heat exchangers) feature a shell (body) and multiple tubes (heat transfer tubes).
They are designed so as to achieve a large transfer surface area within a small space, with minimal loss of fluid pressure. They can be applied to all purposes, from low temperature to high temperature, from low pressure to high pressure, and for heating, cooling, evaporation and condensation.
They are highly reliable in comparison with other types of heat exchanger, and are the most widely used in the hydraulic and chemical related industries.
Their basic structure is simple, so maintenance is very easy.

 . These products feature Kamui’s product design excellence, based on many years of experience and proven track record since the company’s founding (1960), and using software from HTRI, globally renowned in the research and development of heat exchangers.
・ The world’s finest φ8mm fine tubing*1 (Different sizes and bare tubes are also available.)
・ Fixed tube sheets provide unparalleled “helical baffle*2” performance, and the press mass production effect promises cost reductions..
・ Compliant with regulatory standards (Class 1 pressure vessels, Class 2 pressure vessels, small-sized pressure vessels, ASME (NO STAMP), TEMA, etc.), the Ship Safety Law (JG) and various shipping classifications (NK, ABS, etc.), and also undergo non-destructive inspection.
・ Manufacturing technology uses SUS materials such as SUS304 and SUS316, etc. (ALLSUS also available.)
・ Kamui has experience of manufacturing tubes and plates from titanium.
・ Both shell and tubes can accommodate a wide range of high temperature and high pressure fluids.
・ In addition to the standard shell diameter 3B to 10B, a wide range of products are manufactured, from 2B to 40B.
・ Kamui manufactures an extensive range of types of heat exchanger, including U-tube types and upright types that allow the heat exchanger to be installed in an upright position, etc.
・ Prompt response to our users’ varied needs.
*1 Product developed jointly with tubing manufacturer.
*2 Patent obtained. (Japan, USA, Taiwan)


Used in rolling machines, forming machinery, machine tools, construction equipment, chemical plants, shipping, power generation, steam superheaters and condensers, food processing machinery, medical appliances, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, co-generation, etc.

Fuel cell heat exchangers (class 1 pressure vessels)